Intro to reinforced concrete |

Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals: Analysis and Design of Steel Reinforcement

In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the role of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete design. We’ll see that steel plays a critical role in developing an internal moment of resistance and compensates for concrete’s inherent brittleness and weakness in tension. We’ll explore the fundamental mechanical model used to describe the behaviour of the cross-section under load. We’ll also see that to avoid a brittle failure, we must limit the depth of the neutral axis at the ultimate limit state. After reading this tutorial, you’ll have a good understanding of how to perform concrete section analysis and basic design.

Introduction to concrete |

An Introduction to Concrete and its Strengths and Weaknesses

Concrete is one of the most important and ubiquitous materials in the construction industry globally. Twice as much concrete is used (by weight) as steel, wood, plastics and aluminium combined. Its global usage is estimated at 10 billion tons per year. Fundamentally, concrete is simply a mixture of cement, water, aggregate and sand. When mixed, they form a slurry that undergoes a chemical reaction called hydration and gains strength slowly in a process called curing. In this article, we’ll discuss the properties of concrete, its constituents and what makes it such a versatile construction material.